Thursday, January 19, 2012

RX 7 Next Generation Windgenerator & Fog Collector

Well, some short impressions from Building up the Prototyp.
of the RX-7, the next generation of Windgenerator suited
for desert areas like Namibia or Western Sahara.
The RX 7 is also attached with a new technology that allow him
to collect 5-55 liter water a night out of the foggy winds in the
nebula desert. The water will support local gardening and
support clean water for daily live. The idea is to create
small sized wind generators wiht a maximum weigh tof 35 Kilo
so they can be transported to rural or isolated areas much mor easily.
At theire mission place always 3-4 RX-7 work together to produce overall
800-1000 KW and 20 - 200 Liters Water a day.

CAD Rendering

construction plan

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