Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Integral Cord in Las Vegas on the CES show at Fujitsu

Integral Cord at CES in Las Vegas at Fujitsu Stand

Integral Cord in Las Vegas at the CES Consumer Electronics Show
Last month in Hong Kong at  "Busines Design Week" BDW, now our work
is shown on the the most influence fair for computing and new media at the 
CES in Las Vegas. My "Integral Team" teammate Yu-Lin Hou was there and 
report directly,  us some nice fotos from the Fujitsu stand. Proud to see
our design and ideas and innovative Products known now worldwide.
Looking forwardt for the first consumer products on the market made by the 
Integral Team 2012 !.
Integral Cord at the CES shown by Fujitsu in Las Vegas

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