Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Segbuy, A place to be to source electronics in Shenzhen

Here we go, Segbuy is just in viewline to the Haxlr8r office. So just a 5 min walk you can get all parts you ever dreamed or parts you ever wanted for a view coins, often actually very often you have samples for free which would be worth 20 or 30 Euros in Germany. If some parts not on stock the super friendly girls invited you for a cupe of tee and send out the agents get the parts in the buildings arroudn the corner for you... I love that. Usually I go there directly with my PCB to chek out the best fitting switches and parts...Also If you need fresh PCB or flexible PCBs or watever..... like laser cutted Aluminum parts... just take your USB Stick with your data and start the production right now from one of the desks there and shipping to your desk... Its so easy

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