Monday, January 20, 2014

New York this August with Camilo Anabalon

Some self organsing balls in a water bason down in New Yorks design & art university
 the replecement for the world trade center ...
 down in NY SUB with my CEO
 So far the best ouside looking bar in NY close littel Tokio ... I was clsoe drink a beer there but then I loose the track
 May the world famous 2th hand shop in New York, may outfits of later superstar has been born here. Yeah I bought here my lizzard leather jacket !. They have just a insanse scaring collection of babydolls ... this place is a must if you down in NY
 Robotoic workshop at the MIT Media Lab... I really love the way hwo the work there, reminds me waiblingen but a with more hands on !
 MIT = Invent !
 MIT = Design !
 Some streets in Boston
 Come in death out !
 Times Square at 4 th July
 Meetign my hero of my childhood jajaaj Jean Luce !
 Down with Camilo in a great Bar in littel Tokio and get fun with ,micro beer or down

Finally meeting Jimmy Hendrix !

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