Sunday, December 22, 2013

BABYBE is a softrobotics emotional prosthetic

Well actually we are made a robot emulating the mothers chest in all of its nuances.  Actually its a softrobotic solution using principles of bionics, latest soft materials and state of the art controlling to generate a breathing like moving like a real chest of a mother, heartbeat and sound with all its fine acoustics. In generally most of soft robotic robots just can walk or more or less like a simple hand, well not really an interesting user-case.
SO still now more ore less just academic gadgets with not a real use yet.

So the BABYBE System is also inspired by the social robot "PARO" which helps older people suffering under dementia or Alzheimer to socialize but also help to improve the lack of employers in the healthcare system in fact of the generation change in western societies.

The abstract similar idea behind BABYBE and PARO is create a robot the is real enough to create a emotional interaction with a human.

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