Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mantis Fog-Collector/ Windturbine Design update

I just recifed the latest dia photos... from this great project in the Namibian desert.

The Mantis with Fog-Collector Mesh with fixed fog-cathcer at the "Gobabeb Desert Research Station Testing Range". Behind the mesh the windturbine installed and got spinned by the wind trough the mesh.
The "head" can turn 180° which is enough infact the wind is comming almost the same direction 99% of the time, so the structue can be quite stronger then nowedays design

Side View: The mainframe is 18% twisted to be more stable.

Thanks to my African supporting team. Actually the project was embedded in a workshop for local
tribe called "Nara". I trained them in mechanics and basic electronics like recycling computers.

Just another picture 6.00 in the morning.

Amazing pictue from the ground.

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