Monday, February 20, 2012

Project OASIS / Fog Collector-Windturbine

Fog Collector/ Windturbine - Sturmmaschine 01R

The last 6 months I develop a new kind of Windturbine that produce energy and also harvest 10-100 liter water a night from the desert fog which is quiet dense in the namibia desert. The Windturbine is mounted behind the fog collector
mesch and produce 100-400 Watt a day. Overall this machine produce enough energy and water to support a family with 4 persons in the dessert comunity.
The collector is made of aluminum and standart parts so easy to transport & service. The coast for the material is arround 300 Euros not much for arround  900 kW/Year and arround 20.000 Liter Water a year. The folk of the Namib will be independend from using fuel for there powergenerators  buying batteries and from the goverment water supply which they have to pay for almost 1/4 of theire income. To produce this low-tech technology can be also a job generator to produce small system for other rual areas of africa.
THe Sturmmaschine 01R is ready for transport to namibia
Final layout for namibia, 3 units produce up to 300 Liter Water and
900 kW/H a day - Hope for the Desert.
Testing the fog-collector in the "ITV Denkendorf Research Center"

The Sturmaschine 01R from behind shows the windturbine

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