Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Land mines are a quite dangerous problem,
and they kill and injure an average of 100 people
daily. More than 60 countriesworldwide suffer
under this problem. During research the injuries,
scientiest discover that most land-minecasualties
happend not because of shrapnel,  
but instead of the shock wavesfrom the explosion
directly under the feed. 
So the best way to avoid injuriesis to distance 
the food from the explosion and create energy 
The "Spider Boot" is a solution, but not payable for
The Spider Boot
people in poor areas. Also for soldiers, they must
cross a area with mines and have to improvise.
The goal isto make a protection of daily,
cheap materials even effortable for the poors.

The Can-Boot is a prototyp of a Low Coast, DIY
solution. The user easily fix the plattform with
plastic straps on his armyboots. In a case of blast, the concave bottom of the can
the shockwave energy to the center.  
The softdrink-cans are filled with gelatine, 
to have the same damping effect like ballistic 
gell. The structure of the can keeps the food up,
avoid from the shockwave.
The upper whole of the the can releases the presure
from the explosion and absorbs the energy 
during moving out the gelatine through
the hole. Simular like a hydraulic shock damper. 
The pressboard stops minor particels without
spliting pieces of wood.

1. What you need.

* Proper army boots
* 2 x 8 cans, best still fixed in the plastic net.
* 2 Pieces of pressboard panel out of wood.
*One  tape.
*Gelatine for  5 liters of gel
*Cable strap

2. How to do
Put the gelatine inside the cans, and mix
with water.
Just follow the gelatine instructions.

Fix the can block with tape.

Cut the pressboard to the right size
and sketch the outline of the boots.
Drill some holes for cable straps.
Fix the pressboard also with tape, or
also with cable straps.

Strap on the boots with the cable straps

Ready to walk !!!

The small footprint, as result of the conus
form of the can bottom, minimize the contact
to the ground. That avoid contact to the mine

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